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To CAIR/WordPress

November 26, 2011

Just a quick story. In the early 80’s I was working in Saudi Arabia and my wife and kids were there with me.

My wife is a Catholic and attended underground and somewhat clandestine services at the ARAMCO living compound. But they had to drive from our compound to theirs. They all carried their Bibles with them; if they were caught just carrying their Bibles they would have been jailed, raped and possibly killed.

Now CAIR wants us to openly give up OUR 1st amendment rights and also allow them to built unlimited Mosques and so called cultural centers in our cities. The only way that could happen, if they allowed Christians unlimited access to their lands and build churches and Christian Cultural Centers.

If they claim to be the religion of peace and acceptance, let them prove it. Since we know this will never happen, sites like BNI keep the unwashed masses informed with uncensored and unfiltered news.

We don’t kidnap Muslim kids and decapitate them for what they are wearing, can anybody spell Indonesia where they cut the breasts off a young Christian girls for wearing western style bra’s. We don’t round up hundreds of thousands of Muslims and commit genocide, Dhofar and other Islamic countries comes to minds. Where is that Muslim in charge in our WH condemning their actions, nowhere to be found that’s where? He is not just a closet Muslim he is a supporter of Islamic terrorism and overtly supports their actions by his inactivity.

Keep your eye on the UN and beware of their actions the closer we get to the elections; they are Hussein’s ace in the hole. He and Holder will use them when the time comes and I can guarantee you that it won’t be to benefit the citizens of America.

So CAIR better get their own house in order before they come after ours. Plus Hussein and his lap dog Holder better start defending Americans not Islamic terrorist front organizations.